Ranked: 383

Type: TV Special, 6 episodes

Year: 04.02.2008 till 07.07.2008

Genres: Horror, Mystery, Science fiction, Supernatural,


In 1990 Shinjuko, Maeno Kouki enters Rin's agency, Asougi Consulting, asking for help. Taking the case sends her into the lair of Aoyama pharmaceutical. This simple case is the catalyst for events that will take Rin to the brink of death. Unfortunately no matter how painful, Rin can't die through normal means and discovering that truth places Kouki and his family in danger. Rin and her associate Mimi are immortal as a result of their contact with the fruit of immortality. They have one natural enemy, the angels that men become when they encounter that same fruit. But Rin has a very personal demon who is bent on taking her down even if that means chasing her across generations of time. At the bottom of it all is a supernatural being named Apos with a secret that could unravel all creation.

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